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    Discord Username: LamerGamerYT™#7552

    Minecraft Username: LamerGamerYT

    Age: 14

    Language(s): English, Hindi, Marathi

    Your skills: I am a patient, trustworthy and hard-working teen.

    Why we should choose you:

    I am applying for staff on hyperion because I have seen the struggle the current staff are dealing with. There aren't any staff on this server. I want to make hyperion a better place for the community. I have read the rules many times so I know most of the punishment. Also, I truly think that I can handle a responsibility of being a staff member. I am 100% sure it will be great becoming a part of the staff team. I can find most hacked clients as over time I've gathered a lot of information on screen-sharing, how hacking works, and how to detect hackers.

    I think you should choose me to become a staff because I know some of the hack types that people use to hack. Since I know what hack does what, I can help to make sure that people playing on hyperion can get a hack free experience. I have been playing With knowing what hack does what, I think I can achieve not only my goal but a wish of many people to get mineplex hack-free, to get it a number of people it deserves.

    I can contribute to the community by helping the community to be hack free, I can get the players what they want, where there are no hacks as hacking ruins it for the players. I want to make sure that hyperion is as good as hypixel or veltpvp. I want to help hyperion to become a place where all the players can have fun for the time that they are on the server, a place where the people.

    I can help the people whenever and wherever they want it (on TeamSpeak on discord). I can get the job done whether it is a big one or it is a small task, I will get the job done. I am accepting to give as much time required of my day to focus on my job (Except During Exams). I will be more than happy to help anyone who contacts me and wants help from me. I want the server to grow, whether from my friends or strangers. I think that the players to player reference matter the most on a server ( If a friend likes a server, he will tell another friend and this will continue). So I think I can give players the best player experience possible. Also, another thing which matters is player advice. I will be more than happy to listen to all the player's advice that they give to me because a server grows when there are players who get what they want. I will be active everywhere and constantly will be responding to player's staff application, player reports and suggestions and just being active in all parts of the forums on a daily basis. I think many of you have seen me online on discord and the forums.

    I want to make hyperion a better place whether for a YouTuber or a friend or as I said a stranger. Everyone is equally important in a big community. Also, I'm not applying for the sake of getting the rank, I am genuinely interested to make hyperion a safe and enjoyable environment. I want to get a smile on the faces of the people who are playing on the server and it will always be my top priority to contribute in any and every way possible, whether I'm on the go or at my house. It is the staff members who keep the server in check and keep it healthy. If the staff members are not enough or good the server can be in bad health. I can be a good server helper and keep the server healthy. I want to make sure the positive vibes flow along the server.

    Availability: 10 - 15 hours a week

    Timezone: Indian Standard Timezones (IST)

    Previous Experience: I have been a helper on skymetro. It has 300+ players on. I recently quit that.

    Have you been a moderator on another server/network?: As stated yes.

    About yourself:
    Yes, I have some good qualities in me which differentiate me from other staff

    Here are the qualities:

    - Mature
    - Active
    - Social
    - Wise
    - Simple
    - and Finally, Confident

    Maturity: I am a mature teen, I am not into using foul language for telling anyone anything. I will try to use simple words to answer anyone's questions. Since I am mature people will LISTEN to me in the chat for help. Also, I will always choose to do the right thing.

    Active: I am active, in the forums and even in-game. I play almost every day on the server. I am very active and post relevant things on this forums.

    Social: As saying about active, I am also socially active like on discord and other platforms. So I can help people anywhere, on discord, teamspeak3 or any other platform.

    Wise: I am a wise teen, I know for a fact that when you take decisions very quick they are normally wrong. I wisely rate the threads and do my job by observing the details in them very properly and then taking the final decision. I personally think that this is a quality all staff members should have because a staff member shouldn't do his/her duty just for namesake, he/she should do his/her duty very leniently to all players and be WISE. I strongly believe that decisions should be made off of logic, not based on impulse. I also have friends that I believe to be very helpful to me, and I could ask them for advice if I am stuck.

    Simple: I use simple words while having a conversation with other people. This is very important as the simple you are the better the person you are conversating to will understand you. Also, there are many teens and children on the server who don't know complex or difficult words like vibes. So, I think being simple is very useful and important.

    Confident: I am confident in my work. When I take a decision, I think of all the possible scenarios in which I can act this out and always choose the right thing. So, I am confident in my decision and will be confident till the end.

    Is there anything you would like to share about yourself?:
    No that's all.

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